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General Information

Appointments are available Mon.-Wed. 9am-7pm Fri. 9-7pm and Sat. 9am-3pm. Please Contact Us for special requests.

Treatment massage with a referral is usually scheduled for one hour.

Gift certificates are available in person, by phone with MASTERCARD or VISA

Treatment Options

Massage Philosophy

Our Stone Age genes are designed for a body that walked 6-22 miles a day in search of food, water, shelter and social activities. Movement was and is life. We suffer from inactivity, overstimulation with bombardment of advertising, email and information overload. We live in the flight or fight side of our nervous systems. Motor vehicle collisions and stressful job situations increase our risk of injury and illness. We suffer from vital exhaustion, feelings of excessive fatigue, low energy, irritability and feeling of demoralization.

Massage is helpful in adopting a relaxed positive attitude. It breaks the stress dysfunction cycle by committing to muscle and joint relaxation and repair. Massage treatment shows your body and your brain how to reduce stress.

Susan also enjoys giving pregnancy massage, and has much success in massage treatment for post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and depression.

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