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Susan Werkema, LMP

Susan Werkema, LMP, PLLC

Seattle Neuromuscular Massage is run by Susan Werkema, a Licensed Massage Practitioner and is conveniently located off the I-5 corridor in the University District in Seattle. Susan has degrees in education and social science with 23 years in practice as a massage therapist! She is dedicated to massage research as it integrates itself into main stream medicine.

Susan is a nationally board certified therapist of massage and bodywork (NCTMB). She is also member of the Associated Bodywork And Massage Professionals (AMTA).

Specializing in therapeutic treatment massage for injury rehabilitation and preventive health care, we focus on helping you gain an awareness of your own body as well as an understanding of how you have been holding your tension.

Please contact us for more information or any questions about therapeutic massage.

Susan is joining integrative medicine by launching medical massage research for the massage profession.